Whether you are venturing into residential or commercial development finance, you can count on the many advantages in getting the services from specialists in development finance. The advantages include access to several lenders, flexibility in financing, money savings, time savings and expertise.


The brokers have wider access to lenders. This means that you will likely be able to get the best offer, even for 100% development finance, than when loaning from high street banks.

Flexibility is also an advantage as companies will be able to lend you the money for a length of term that suits the Bespoke finance. Your loan and any repayments can often be tailored to the scale and length of your project, rather than on pressuring you to strictly comply loan policies and conditions.

You can also save money from brokers for development finance since they do not ask money from you. Its the lender who pay them.

Time saving is also a benefit derived from brokers for development finance since the worry and bother of finding suitable residential or commercial development finance is taken away since someone else is doing it for you. Also, they can help you make the assessment of the project and subsequently, formulate the proposal that they know would be acceptable to the lenders.

Finally, most brokers are experts in understanding your plans and in dealing with expected returns and timescale. Their attention to detail can help you refine your plans; and if you are looking into 100% development finance, it will most likely be considered with the right capability and market potential in place which is incorporated in the proposal.


You want to own a house and you’re exploring all possible options. The old school approach to home ownership is that you pay 20 percent right off. But is putting down this much cash the best option for someone as cash-strapped as you? Do you even have that much money to put down? And, even if you do, should you?

This is where 100% financing enters the picture. A lot of lenders are now offering no-down payment deals to people who have good credit but very little cash. Here are the main advantages of such an arrangement.

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